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BD Retro Power Vol 1 Various DJs-2012-EID And Puja BD Dj Album
[ Download from this server (1.7 Kb) ] 2012-10-17, 10:31 AM
BD Retro Power Vol 1 Various DJs
BD Retro Power Vol 1 Various DJs

Tracklist And Download Link:

01. Intro - DJ Joy

02. O Bondhu Tumi Koi (Dutchy Touch) - DJ SK & DJ SAV

03. Prosno - Hasan (DJ RV Remix 2012)

04. Ei Poth Jodi Na Shesh Hoy (DJ Tanvi Remix)

05. Jodi Bow Shajogo (Party Funky Mix) - DJ Yan

06. He Jobok (AFR Remix)

07. Tumi Eshechile Porshu (Dutch VS Electro) - DJ SYK Sayham

08. International Telephon (DJ Raivy 2012 Rmx)

09. Chomke (VDJ Beko Remix)

10. Tomake Chai Ami (Dutch Mix) - DJ Osheem Ft JOJO

11. Chirodini Tumi Je Aamar - DJ's MiD & HiD Mix

12. Tumi Ase Chile Porsu (Signature Club Mix) - DJ Sajan & DJ Rajan

13. Ak Akasher Tara - DJ Rony & DJ Nijm Mix

14. Chumki (Electro Mix) - DJ SYK Sayham

15. Sraboner Meg (DJ Zayeed Remix)

16. Katena Shomoy (Mash Up Mix) - DJ Shipon

Download Full Zip Album Link:

BD Retro Power Vol 1 Various
Category: BD DJ & REMIX ALBUM | Added by: zxtu | Tags: Various, bd, -2012, retro, -EID, Puja, Vol 1, power, and, DJs
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