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ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition
ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition

ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition | 392 MB
Fileserve & Filesonic

ABBYY FineReader is an intelligent and easy-to-use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and PDF conversion software that is the optimal alternative to manual data entry and typing. It is an ideal choice for professionals that want to save time and effort while producing excellent results. It provides powerful functionality for converting images received from a scanner, a digital camera or by fax, as well as PDF files, into editable and searchable formats. The program accurately retains formatting and layout of documents and supports a wide range of recognition languages ​​and output file formats.

11 ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition has all the features of ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition 11 and has several additional features for convenient work in the local area network.

Networking opportunities, ABBYY FineReader 11 Corporate Edition:
Automatic network installation. It supports all major network installation methods. ABBYY FineReader can automatically install from a server to workstations using Active Directory, Microsoft Systems Management Server, as well as from the command line.

Administrative tools. With tools for managing licenses can track the use of ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition on workstations in a local area network, to reserve licenses for certain stations, as well as add new licenses.

Support network multifunction devices. Network multifunction device that combines functions of a scanner, printer, copier and fax, is available to all employees of the organization. Using a special setting ABBYY FineReader, each employee will be able to make the scanned documents are automatically discovered and recognized for his or her workstation.

Automatic processing of documents from a selected folder at a designated time (Hot Folder & Scheduling). ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition supports automated batch processing of images and PDF-files. Source files can come in a folder on your hard drive on another machine accessible across a network, the ftp-server or in your mailbox. All operations are performed in accordance with the schedule. For example, we assign a recognition of all incoming files for day to night, when the computer is not performing other tasks.

Automatic processing of documents from your mailbox. ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition supports automated batch processing of images that arrive in your mailbox. Use a network fax machines and multifunction devices for editing documents has become much easier. Normally, all network devices have their email address in the network (your own e-mail), so the scanned documents or faxes come to you from these specific recipients as an attachment in emails. Configure network fax or MFP so that these emails with attachments sent to a mailbox folder. Then, ABBYY FineReader recognizes 11 faxes and scanned documents at a convenient time for you and save them to any destination folder on your computer.

Collaborate on documents. ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition allows you to effectively organize collective work in the local network. For example, one computer can be scanned, on the other - to identify documents on the third - to check the results. In addition, we can work together on a network with user languages ​​and dictionaries.

Favorable conditions of corporate licensing. For ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition offers different volume licensing scheme: You can take into account the number of concurrent users or all computers are running the program. This allows you to choose the optimum configuration with the specific task. Discounts are available depending on the number of purchased licenses.

ABBYY FineReader is created in order to relieve you from monotonous work. You do not need to format the recognized text and fully preserves the layout of the original - illustrations, tables, lists, etc. Recognition result can be saved in various formats, send an e-mail or publish on the Internet.

Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR *) ABBYY FineReader 11 fully preserves document: illustrations, images, lists, etc. The results can be edited in the programs of Microsoft ® Office, save in different formats, send an e-mail and publish on the Internet. Just scan or photograph the text of his digital camera - everything else ABBYY FineReader will do it. Just a couple of minutes, you can edit the document! * OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Key Features ABBYY Finereader 11:
• The accuracy of identification documents of poor quality;
• Save the document structure and formatting;
• universal method of obtaining images;
• Recognition of the documents in 186 languages;
• Easy to use interface;
• The call of the applications in Microsoft Word and Excel;
• Creating, archiving and password protected PDF-file;
• Recognition of the barcode;
• Optimized for multi-core processors;
• ABBYY Screenshot Reader.

Increased speed and accuracy of identification documents
Speed ​​of processing documents has increased by 20%
The new black-and-white document processing faster and 45% compared with the recognition of color images, which also saves up to 70% of hard disk space
Advanced mode provides instant recognition of gain recognition rate of 70% compared to the standard mode, the default. Mode is useful for tasks in which recognition accuracy is less important than speed.

Improved recognition and preservation of the structure of multi-page documents (technology ADRT)
Up to 25% improved recognition of tables and up to 15% - pictures and graphs
Added to restore vertical headers
Up to 70% improved detection of text in the margin of the document
Up to 40% improved preamble detection and footers

Create electronic books in popular formats fb2, ePub and other for reading on handheld devices
The program supports the preservation of electronic books in formats (fb2, ePub) and others, it will quickly make an electronic copy for - book-reader, tablet, smartphone and other handheld devices. E-books created by ABBYY FineReader 11, can be sent directly from the application on account of the user device Amazon Kindle.

Support for new formats, save documents, including DjVu and Writer
11 ABBYY FineReader recognizes and converts document images and PDF-format files directly to Open Writer (ODT), accurately preserving the original formatting. Also, the product can even save the results to a format DjVu, which is particularly popular with users, recognizing books and scientific papers.

Improved interface to increase productivity
New Style Editor helps you edit documents directly in ABBYY FineReader. Users can view all the styles used in the document, edit them or merge. Changes are automatically applied to the entire document, eliminating the manual adjustment of the text. The verification regime will quickly recognize the result of errors in the text.

Separation Package pages for different documents
This tool is useful when scanning in a single stream of several documents. By dividing the package into separate pages of documents, you can improve the quality of treatment of each of them at the expense of a more precise development of the technology ADRT, as well as to spread the work over time with different instruments. This feature is especially useful when handling large volumes of documents and scan sets of heterogeneous documents on an office MFP.

Improved recognition of photographs of documents
Photos, documents, obtained by the camera or mobile camera devices, are recognized more accurately, their original formatting is preserved better. Also extended the possibility of adjusting for typical photographic image defects, such as alignment lines on the folds facing pages of the book or the correction of trapezoidal distortion.

New tools for image processing of documents
Now, an image editor includes a complete set of tools for preprocessing document images. Users can adjust the brightness and contrast of images, intensity levels of light and shadow. Changes can be applied to individual pages or all pages at once.

Improved work with PDF
The program has three predefined modes saved in the format PDF - high quality (maintaining the quality of the original image), the minimum size (for archiving) or balanced mode (to be published on the internet). The new version has improved compression technology (MRC), so the file size when saving to PDF is reduced to 5 times (compared with the version of ABBYY FineReader 10).

Supports 189 languages
11 ABBYY FineReader recognizes documents on 189 languages. In version added new recognition languages, including Arabic.

ABBYY Business Card Reader for recognition of business cards
Additional application that allows you to retrieve contact information from scanned business cards and convert to electronic format vCard or save data directly to contact Microsoft Outlook ®.

Improved application ABBYY Screenshot Reader
ABBYY Screenshot Reader creates images of any area of ​​the screen identifies and saves the text into an editable format. The new version of the application can specify the size of the screenshot. ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition 11 with support for Arabic language is optional.

Bulgarian, Estonian, Italian, Czech, French, Latvian, Dutch, German, Lithuanian, English, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Chinese, Spanish

Outstanding OCR Accuracy and Format Retention:
· ABBYY FineReader lets you accurately turn paper documents and images into fully-formatted electronic files for easy editing, adapting, archiving and sharing. The application delivers superior recognition accuracy and format retention even on documents and images which are typically difficult for OCR - such as faxes, digital photographs, legal documents, documents with long tables, barcodes, multiple and complex image items (eg magazine pages) and many more. It allows you to digitize your papers and dramatically optimize document processing with literally no retyping and reformatting.

Intelligent Reconstruction of Complex Document Structure and Formatting:
· ABBYY's unique Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT) analyzes the entire multipage document and precisely reconstructs it with original layout, style and formatting attributes across all pages. By intelligently "seeing" the document in its entirety, the program identifies various elements of document structure and reconstructs them as native Microsoft Office formatting elements. Based on the 2nd generation of ADRT technology, ABBYY FineReader 10 intelligently re-creates the most complex formatting attributes, such as
· ABBYY ADRT reconstructs Table Of Contents
· Headers and footers
· Page numbering
· Captions to images / tables / diagrams
· Fonts and styles
· Footnotes
· Table of contents (with formatting and linking)
· Heading hierarchic structure
· ABBYY FineReader also accurately re-creates in the output file a range of additional formatting elements including line numbering, signatures and stamps that can be found in legal and other documents.

Recognition of Digital Camera and Mobile Phone Camera Images:
· FineReader was the first document conversion application that has introduced digital camera OCR capabilities. With its already 3rd generation of ABBYY Camera OCR technology, FineReader recognizes photos of documents captured with digital camera and mobile phones. It intelligently identifies photographed documents and applies its recognition technology for camera images to ensure the best OCR results. ABBYY FineReader gives you wider possibilities to capture documents and turn them into useful electronic files even when the usual scanning can't be applied - for example, when you are on the go. The program automatically adjusts digital photos before recognition and provides a wide range of image pre-processing functions and tools
· Automatic correction of 3D perspective distortions
· ISO noise correction
· Blurred image correction
· Trapezium crop tool
· Automated Resolution Detection and Correction
· Document orientation detection
· Image deskewing
· Image despeckling
· Line straightening
· Image inverting and rotating tools
· Dual page splitting tool

Comprehensive Language Support:
· ABBYY FineReader is the only OCR solution which "reads" text in as much as 186 languages ​​including a variety of Latin and Cyrillic languages, Greek, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, and Korean. The latest version of FineReader includes dictionaries with spell-check capabilities for 39 languages ​​and supports the integration with Microsoft Word custom dictionary to accurately recognize user specific terms. FineReader simplifies the OCR process by converting documents with automatic identification of appropriate language (s) and allows you to work with multilingual documents with any language combination.

Intelligent Interface with One-Click Conversion Tasks:
· The ABBYY FineReader's interface comes with pre-programmed "Quick Tasks" which include all the key OCR and document conversion tasks grouped into intuitive menu functions, according to the output format. Quick Tasks allow you to quickly select the required task and get the converted file with just a mouse click. The automated Quick Tasks dramatically reduce amount of steps typically required to process a document and helps to increase productivity. With ABBYY FineReader 10, you can also define your own frequently used tasks using the Automation Manager.

Complete Integration with Popular Office Applications:
· When converting documents, ABBYY FineReader 11 exports the results directly to your favorite applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat / Reader. In addition, recognized text can be saved in a variety of file formats, including PDF, PDF / A, HTML, Microsoft Word XML, DOC / DOCX, RTF, XLS / XLSX, PPTX, CSV and TXT.
· You can also launch ABBYY FineReader from within Microsoft Office applications, scan a paper document or open document image, convert image to text and put the recognized text into the document you are currently working on without leaving the application.

PDF Conversion, Archiving and Securing:
· ABBYY FineReader is a professional and versatile tool for working with PDF files. Its key PDF conversion functions and features include
· Saving to Searchable PDF - FineReader keeps the text information as a separate layer from the image (text under image), making it available for search and retrieval.
· Saving to PDF / A for long-term archiving.
· Saving to PDF with MRC compression Enhanced - The application allows you to decrease the size of an output PDF file up to 10 times compared to the original, while the visual quality of the image stays intact. This option is ideal for PDF archiving and sharing.
· PDF for Web Publishing and Tagged PDF - All PDF files created in FineReader are optimized for publishing on the Web. In addition, with ABBYY FineReader you can create tagged PDF files optimized for handheld devices and screen-reader devices.
· Password-Protected PDF and Encryption Support - You can set document Open and Permissions passwords and restrict printing, contents extraction, editing, adding comments or adding / removing pages. ABBYY FineReader also complies with the latest encryption standards.

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