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12:04 PM
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Information about the game
Title: Alternativa
Genres: adventure
Language: English
Year: 2010
Developer: Centauri Production
Publisher: Cinemax
File size: 1.68 GB
Number of desk: 1 & 9

There is Proof and Installation structures of games inside..If u get any problem reply it here

About the Game: In the world of the future is no right of choice. Powerful corporations control all aspects of society, concentrated in his hands most of the resources and technologies. Ordinary people are not able to change anything. They are forced to submit to the dictatorship of the corporations. There is only one alternative. Those who want change should join the opposition and maintain the unequal struggle for their freedom ...

The main character - Richard Rochek (Richard Rochek) - an intelligent young man in his early childhood lost family. Throughout his life he is forced to vegetate on the heavy low-end jobs. The game begins at the moment when Richard goes to their place of work. He goes to the construction of the huge building of transnational corporations in one of the industrial districts of Prague. At the site, he learns that the construction site is closed (the official version - due to lack of funding), and his and his colleagues simply dismissed. Short-tempered young man, unwilling to tolerate such tyranny, trying to force broke into the facility. After this outburst, he loses a personalized card. This now means that the society he is a nobody. He does not even have the right to find a new job. Realizing that there is nothing to lose, the main character decides to cooperate with an opposition organization. So he starts a war against the corporations that have seized power.

Richard soon learns the truth about the construction of a giant building in which he participated. This building was never intended to complete construction. From the outset, the construction was intended to divert attention - to hide the massive extent of the conspiracy.

The three largest corporations are tough fight with each other. Endora - giant mining, THEOLEX - the leader in high technology and the State - the most influential of the corporations, which contains the police and the vast spy network. None of the companies could not exist without the other two. And each one seeks to eliminate rivals.

Endora was the first corporation to start a fight for absolute power. It had before it was old technology Olmecs tribe with which people could travel back in time. Returning to the past, we could destroy the competition in the present. But the move was necessary for the chemical element, is extremely rare in the year 2045 on Earth. This rare element - radium - according to old records, can be found in Prague. Its stock remained in the city since the Second World War. Most construction was started just to hide the real purpose of conducting excavations in the middle of town ...

* The original game universe, which combines the world of the future and the contemporary reality
* A fantastic story, like a book, folding of several small stories
* The ability to manage the three main characters, as well as several minor
* Non-linear storyline - the player chooses who to trust and whom - it is impossible. Of the decision will depend on subsequent developments
* Beautiful atmospheric cinematics
* The original puzzle - logically inseparable part of the plot
* The elements of the genre RPG - branching dialogue, the use of money

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP ® or Windows ® Vista
> Processor: Intel Pentium IV ® 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Video Card: 512 MB RAM (with support for Shader 2.0)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
> Hard disk: 2 GB

On file:
Publication Type: license
: Cracked
Release Group SKIDROW
File format:. Iso
Platform: PC

1. Mount image
2. Install the game
3. Copy medicine (folder SKIDROW) in the directory with a game
4. Play

Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation

Installation Images
Mount the ISO and open it.
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Run Setup
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation
Alternativa (2010) Proofs Added with Installation

Run the game with the icon...


If u get any d3dx9_42.dll download this file.Extract it,copy the dll file and paste it in the folder where u installed the game....
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