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Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50 Portable
Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50 Portable
Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50 Portable | 5.12 Mb

Cygnus Hex Editor is a powerful file editor for Microsoft Windows. Unlike text editors, which are designed to edit files that contain text data, hex editors allow you to edit files that contain any type of data.

The Fastest and Easiest Hex Editor Available Anywhere!
Cygnus is fast. Very fast! Operations such as searching, or searching and replacing are blazingly fast. And screen updates and most other operations will be instantaneous on all but the slowest computers.
Cygnus is easy. With intelligent features such as a multiple document interface (MDI), the ability to easily insert and delete bytes, simple drag and drop operations, bookmarks and more, complex editing tasks can be performed with ease. And with our new Data Inspector, editing data values can be accomplished more naturally than ever possible before.

Finding Data
Our new Find and Replace dialogs make finding data easier and more powerful than ever before. The Find dialog box divides searches into three types: text, data types, and raw data. And the Replace dialog box allows the same logic to specify both find and replace parameters. Want to search for the Unicode text "Hello" and replace it with a FILETIME value of 3/31/2005 9:25:00 am? Well, maybe not. But with Cygnus, this is extremely simple and intuitive to do.

Modifying Data
Of course Cygnus allows you to edit data by typing in hex or ASCII values. But Cygnus provides powerful new ways to modify data as well.
The Data Inspector window allows you to view and edit data in a more natural way as known data types, structures, and arrays.
The new Modify, Insert and Delete dialog boxes allow you to instantly perform certain operations on any number of a particular data type.
The convert function will convert the selected data to another format. Convert data using any of the existing conversion types or write your own conversion add-in by writing a Cygnus extension.

Analyzing Data
In addition to modifying data, sometimes you just need to know a little more information about that data. Cygnus offers new tools for this as well.
Cygnus now offers intelligent file comparing. It is intelligent because it can compare files of different lengths, and it can resynchronize matching data after a difference has been found.
Cygnus also now offers checksum computations. Simply select the data you want to perform the checksum on, and then select any of the available checksum algorithms to compute that checksum. You can even add new checksum types to Cygnus by writing a Cygnus extension.

Sharing Data
To get the most out of any Hex Editor, you'll want to be able to export and import various types of data. You'll also want many options for copying data to and from the clipboard.
Cygnus provides great flexibility in this area. For example, you can select a range of data and then copy it to the clipboard as HTML code, allowing you to place the data on a Web page.
In addition to the many ways that Cygnus can export and import data, developers can even add support for new ways by writing Cygnus extensions.

Cygnus Extensions
Cygnus allows developers to write extensions to add additional functionality to the program. Extensions allow you to create new import/export, copy as/paste as, conversion, and checksum operations, in addition to new data types.
Extensions are designed to be written in C and C++ but may be written in any language that can create DLLs that export undecorated and unmangled function names. Instructions on writing extensions are included in the online help. No additional software or documentation must be purchased from us.

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