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E-on Vue 8.5 Xstream 2 DVD [Windows/MacOSX]
E-on Vue 8.5 Xstream 2 DVD [Windows/MacOSX]

E-on Vue 8.5 Xstream 2 DVD [Windows & MacOSX] | 2.2GB

Package of professional tools for creating and rendering of complex virtual reality with detailed scenery for systems of three-dimensional modeling 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and XSI.

Founded in 1997, e-on software, Inc, creates and maintains high-quality 3D graphics products that are designed to create images of the environment, representing an extraordinary combination of ease of use and professional results. Software e-on software, Inc, is widely used video graphics usage and animation studios around the world (Industrial Light and Magic, Weta Digital, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks Animation, Blue Sky, Animal Logic, BBC, AirBus and others) with establishment of numerous Hollywood blockbusters that have been awarded special prizes of the world film industry experts for its unique special effects. The popularity of the company's solutions can successfully cooperate with global manufacturers of software and hardware: Apple Computer, Inc., Intel, NVIDEA Corporation, Autodesk, Softimage Co., MAXON and others. Offices e-on software, Inc, located in the states of Oregon and Beaverton, a European office in Paris, France.
Flagship products e-on Vue xStream and Vue Infinite have been repeatedly awards at prestigious international competitions in the field of computer graphics and animation around the world. Vue xStream 8 is a unique solution for the design stages of the environment that can be used to create movies and visualization of large architectural projects. Created by solving projects can be exported into other applications. The program allows you to visualize the images and animations without limitation in the size or length of training. Using standard operations can move, rotate and change the size of each element of the virtual scene. Animated objects created in Vue xStream 8 or other application, may be combined. The solution allows you to create animations of any object, including the movement of plants and clouds. Package Vue xStream 8 is fully compatible with the mechanism of V-Ray rendering in the medium 3ds Max (xStream) and a drawing tool of ecosystems in the medium XSI. Vue platform supports color and alpha masks for individual clouds and cloud layers with multipass rendering. The Lock chamber helps significantly reduce the rendering time animation: when the camera is in the same place, the details of the landscape in the frame do not need to count each time anew. Decision Vue xStream 8 allows you to create spherical system of clouds with the help of standard operations on real images. Implemented in the annex editor supports painting surfaces of materials and management-referenced materials through the system effects. Functions of a procedural surfaces, dynamic ecosystems and a panoramic rendering allow efficient use of multiprocessor platforms. Vue xStream 8 enables to simulate propagation of biological beings, gradually increasing the number of inhabiting a virtual system objects. The application supports the ability to cast shadows: layers of clouds can cast shadows on other layers of clouds and objects of the scene. Each element of the ecosystem (object EcoSystem), you can select your own color.

E-on Vue xStream 8 lets you work in a standalone mode, or in their native 3D-applications, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, LightWave, Maya and XSI. Any scene can be loaded directly into the program, including your entire ecosystem, all types of atmospheres, cameras, lighting, plants, landscapes, etc. Since some elements are features (eg, ecosystem), xStream uses OpenGL technology to display them more clearly and quickly. You can choose to include this option or change the screen resolution to increase the speed of loading large scenes. Autonomous scene created in xStream, stored in a format vue, combined scenes are saved in native format 3D-applications, or may be divided into the format 3D applications and vue format. In the latter case, native scene in the 3D-application will refer to the vue scene.

E-on Vue 8.5 Xstream 2 DVD [Windows/MacOSX]

Major changes in the e-on Vue 8 xStream:

- Vue Terrain Editor greatly improved by adding the possibility 3d sculpting
- Sculpting finite and infinite procedural terrain
- Automatic selection of level of detail in the process of sculpting
- Sculpting in the context of the scene elements
- Office of displacement regardless of the channel bump
- Setting the direction of displacement
- Supports RGB normal maps for bump control channel
- Smoothing of high frequency components
- Spectral 3 delivers highly realistic clouds and atmospheric effects
- New fractals Recursive Strata Terrain reservoir simulation relief
- Change in posture and animation components and animated mesh objects
- Improved engine and the Open GL window display
- Preview of Dynamic EcoSystems
- The Global Ecosystem is now available as a proxy object in the World Browser
- Direct access to the alpha channel of the Material Editor
- Access to the format options when saving an image with
- Based on material management and smoothing parameters of quality subluchey
- Improved accuracy of alignment / objects
- Added a Python module for creating programmable functions
- New module planetary mapping with the possibility of geographical coordinates
- The new options for better management of relationships between parent and child objects
- Added a customizable separator in the animation window
- Display of the material in the projection of the object area
- Name of the loaded atmosphere added to the title bar Atmosphere Editor
- The name of the edited feature added to the title bar Function Editor
- Significant improvements in architectural rendering and memory management
- New faster engine displacement
- Simultaneous display on the screen and save to disk in the process of rendering
- Ability to save images from a specified interval in the rendering stored on a hard drive.
- Ability to generate detailed log of events for network rendering
- Direct access to client software (Max, Maya, Softimage, Cinema 4D) to opportunities Vue
- Most dialog boxes have Vue modeless
- Support for V-Ray in Max and Maya
- Independent adjustment of light sources in the Vue and client programs
- Automatic alignment of the intensity of the shadows in Vue and client programs
- Manually control the brightness of radiosity Vue
- Automatic rendering client programs according to the settings Vue
- Direct access to sea level interface xStream
- Improved preview of the treatment area in the client application
- Support for 32-bit image format EXR floating point
- Improved export facilities, in particular vegetation Solidgrowth
- Support for Poser 8

Get an idea of how to work in e-on Vue xStream 8 can Watch the video:
More acquainted with the new opportunities e-on Vue 8.5 xStream here:
System Requirements e-on Vue 8.5 xStream is available here:

DVD1: Windows and MacOSX installation files
DVD2: Extras (same as our 8.0 Release)

Name: e-on Vue
Version: 8.5 xStream
Interface: English
Operating system: Windows and MacOSX


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