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2:12 PM
Easy Sound Yamaha Motif Series Organ Session
Easy Sound Yamaha Motif Series Organ Session
Easy Sound Yamaha Motif Series Organ Session | 150MB

Product Description: Hammond Organ sound library (S)
Sample-based Hammond B3 Emulation
Produced by Peter Krischker (EASY SOUNDS)
Co-Programmer: Dave Polich (DCP-Productions)
Sampling: Wolfgang Uhl

Organ Session emulates the sound of a Hammond B3 in the MOTIF XF.

The voices of Organ Session offer wonderful punchy and smacky Hammond Sounds complete with 'key click' and adjustable percussion, rockorgans with slightly or strong distortion, traditional lounge organs, classic drawbar-registrations, and cool jazz-organs.

Organ Session offers both the quality as well as the quantity you'd expect to find in a Plug-in Board, Software-Instrument or high-quality Sample-CD.

Organ Session is very useful for Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, House, Lounge or Ambient music.

For emulating the drawbars of a Hammond B3 were sampled chromatically. That means recording one sample for each note of each of the 9 drawbars for 5 octaves. A User waveform of one drawbar includes 61 samples. Additionally, there are several chromatic sampled organ-percussion settings.

Beside multisamples of drawbars and organ-percussion there are also samples of some popular B3 registrations like Full Organ, First Three, First Four, Even Bars or registrations with C3 vibrato. Using multisamples of complete registrations are allowing complex Hammond-Sounds with a limited number of voice elements. All sample recordings were done without using amplifier, distortion and Leslie. This allows flexible using of the MOTIF XF effect section and realistic switching between slow and fast leslie using the Rotary effect.

While the MOTIF XF WAVEROM had to use very short loops because of limited ROM-space, this product had no limitations. The samples and loops are much longer than the preset-waves, which allows a much more realistic Hammond sound.

Additionally, the chromatic sampling produces a different sound of the key click for each note exactly as you hear on a real Hammond B3.

The organ-percussion is shaped very authentically using the USER LFO in order to produce the 'Single Trigger Mode'. This means legato played notes are triggered without the percussion effect. The ASSIGN1 knob can switch to 'Multi Trigger Mode' if you want, in which case every note will be triggered with the percussion effect.

As well as the B3-samples you will also find sampled registrations from the legendary Hammond A100.

As a whole, this library offers a huge selection of signature Hammond sounds that can be used in a wide variety of settings.

* The slider can be used like the drawbars of the Hammond organ.
* The Rotary speed (Leslie) can be switched between slow and fast using the Modulation Wheel, the Assignable Foot Switch, the Assignable Foot Controller 2 or if needed even with Aftertouch.
* Using the Assignable Functions (AF1 + AF2) you can add or remove drawbars.
* For organ voices using percussion-elements you can switch between Single/Multi Trigger Mode using knob ASSIGN1.
* Using knob ASSIGN 2 you can adjust the intensity of the distortion.
* The RIBBON Controller can be used to adjust the bass gain of the Rotary effect.
* The knob EQ MID can be used to produce a powerful live sound; boosting the mids in a pre-adjusted frequency range.

This library oncludes also 32 Arpeggio-Performances. Most performances are new programmed. A part of them are modified factory performances.

The performances allow to play the new Organ-voices with an automatic Drum/Bass/Instrument accompaniment.

Flash Memory, SDRAM

You can load the User Waveforms and Samples of this soundset selectable to the SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory.

The new factory content of MOTIF XF will be not overwritten with loading this library. The new voices and performances of Organ Session are stored in USER1 while the
new factory content of MOTIF XF is moved to USER4.

The free promotion file "Inspiration In A Flash" already includes 24 voices of this soundset (User 3, 1 - 24).


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