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Home » 2010 » October » 21 » Frischluft Flair v1.22 (x86/x64) for Adobe Photoshop
6:52 PM
Frischluft Flair v1.22 (x86/x64) for Adobe Photoshop
Frischluft Flair v1.22 (x86/x64) for Adobe Photoshop

Frischluft Flair v1.22 (x86/x64) for Adobe Photoshop | 5 MB

Frischluft flAIR - a collection of 8 high-quality effects for Adobe Photoshop. Among them - the effects of lights, glitter and sparkle. Includes support for 16-bit and multicore processors. There is opportunity to fine-tune the parameters of effects: light fitting, correction of the degree of contrast, setting the length of the rays of the radius, and several modes of conjugation. The quality is comparable to other professional software solutions and the speed is much greater than all the traditional methods based on ray tracing.


• Amiga Rulez: This effect is an old demo coders effect which has been used plenty in Amiga demos and was also simply called Zoom Rotator. I saw it first in an Amiga 500 demo by Sanity where it's coder Chaos did an incredible job making it realtime in fullscreen. The image shown was just a text saying 'Amiga Rulez' because the demo entered a competition held by Commodore at the World of Amiga 92. Later many extensions to this effect have been made such as making it rotate around 3 axis instead of only one like the original effect.

• Box Blur: This is a sub pixel accurate Box Blur. It includes an aberrative mode which splits colors as can be seen in the example image. Included is the option to operate the filter with a mask that determines blur on a per pixel base.

• Glass Sphere: A shiny glass sphere with lots of options to adjust material, lighting and refraction. Nice for making homepage menu knobs ;)

• Mosaic Plane: This is an extension of the well known mosaic effect. The mosaic is applied to a virtual plane which can be freely rotated and positioned. Operate it with a mask to alter rotations or size on a per pixel base.

• Glow: The Glow Plugin provides 4 different algorithms to generate fast beautiful glows from a existing footage. All methods work with sub pixel accuracy so there is no popping effect when animating the radius unlike with other glow effects. It's possible to determine which areas are to glow in what intensity. There are various parameters to adjust the effect to your needs including color adjustment, gamma correction, aspect, aspect angle and several blend modes.

• Highlight: Generates sparkling light streaks from existing footage. Offers the possibility to determine the sparkling areas and their intensities. There are various Parameters to adjust the effect to your needs. Including radius, intensity, color adjustment, gamma correction, streak count, and blend mode. Again this effect is sub pixel accurate for animations.

• Radial Blur: This is a fast high quality radial blur. It features a 'aberrative' mode which splits colors. This mode roughly simulates the effect of a camera lens aberrating the incoming light into their spectral components (like in a prism). This effect can be observed at bad cameras and special lenses. Decent usage can add some realism to cg renders.

• Volumetrics: This one lets you create blazing fast impressive light effects. Volumetrics simulates light passing through your footage. It's possible to determine a per pixel transparency for the light. Two different algorithms are available which basically give the same results but differ in smoothness of the casted light. Though the effect looks very much like true volumetric light it's actually a 2d effect.

There are various parameters to adjust the effect to your needs. Including color adjustment, gamma correction, ray length, radius and several blend modes. Not only compared to the traditional method of generating Volumetric light using a raytracer our solution is blazing fast.

What's new:
Updated all plugins adding CS5/64Bit support for After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop plugins. Plus various bug fixes on all plugins including fixes for some severe OpenFX ones. Most have been available all month in the download section but are updated once more now to iron out some minor quirks.

OS: Windows all


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