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Homegrown Sounds Pulse Control VSTi v1.2 (Retail)
Homegrown Sounds Pulse Control VSTi v1.2 (Retail)
Homegrown Sounds Pulse Control VSTi v1.2 (Retail) | 5MB

Pulse Control also can be used on a basic level as an interface to the Pulses on-board parameters, all of which are displayed on the main page. For those who have a midi controller set up to control the Pulse, it will also control the plugin and full VST automation is supported. The plugin does not use the Pulses internal patch system, instead patches are store within the plugin/project and restored when reloaded like all other VST Instruments.

The plugin is available for any Windows VST host which allows sending Midi Out from a VST Plugin to external Midi Ports such as Reaper and Cantabile.

Feature Summary:
+ Complete Control over all of the Pulse Parameters - via the Main Screen.
+ Uses the same Control Change Messages as the hardware Pulse which means that existing hardware controller setups will work to control the plugin flawlessly.
+ Full VST Automation.
+ Advanced Arpeggiator/32 Note Sequencer.
- The Arpeggiator has the ability to mute steps via the muter section for creating interesting variations on the usual ARP styles.
- If Sequencer mode is selected, the 32 bars control the notes used by the sequencer.
- Hold Mode, Octaves, Note Repeat, Fixed/Actual Velocity, Retrigger and Latch.
- ARP Keyboard Range: The ARP can be limited to a section of the keyboard like a zone.

+ 3 x Modulation Sequencers – Each plays back a sequence of up to 32 values which can then be assigned to any parameter via the Modulation Matrix.
- Direct 2 Octave Pitch Control to each of the Pulses 3 Oscillators, all Oscillators can be controlled independently.
- Smooth – This will Smooth out the values and includes a intense smooth mode which behaves more like an envelope follower.
- 8 Direction Modes.
+ 3 x Gate Sequencers – Each is used to trigger Envelopes which can be assigned to any parameter via the Matrix. The ENV Release time is configurable.
- Direct Re-triggering of Envelopes 3 & 4.
- Inverse Gate Sequencer (GS1 Only) with selectable Mode, which will trigger either all OFF Notes, or just the first OFF after an ON has occurred. This can be used for interesting rhythmic patterns.
+ 2 x 32 Stage Envelopes – Assigned via the Mod Matrix, they can have complex shapes, and have the ability to repeat a section endlessly.
+ Advanced LFO – The same LFO used in the Astralis Synths, capable of all the usual shapes plus custom mode which uses 2 sliders to choose from 3500 possible combinations, which also has a smooth control. There is also slider mode for creating your own 8 point shape with smooth control.
+ Global Randomizer – This allows choosing which sections that the Globalo Randomize button will effect when it is pressed.
+ Modulation Matrix:
- Each Slot has and ON/OFF, Source, Amount, Destination and Invert.
- Slots 1 - 5 is for Modulating the pulse internal parameters.
- Slots 6 - 7 are for controlling the Mod Matrix Amounts and Gate Sequencer Release.
+ Manual Tempo – Overrides the Host Tempo for Freeform control of the tempo between 48 and 300 bpm (which mimics the Pulses internal Manual Tempo).
+ Swing – The Global Clock can have a swing amount assigned when using any sequencer in 32 step mode.
+ Adjustable Master Clock Speed.
+ Configurable Midi Speed – This parameter determines what amount of time each midi message is sent in the queue to help prevent dropped messages.

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