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Mapple3Di Real 3D Navigation 3.3.0 iPhone And iPod Touch
Mapple3Di Real 3D Navigation 3.3.0 iPhone And iPod Touch
Mapple3Di Real 3D Navigation 3.3.0 iPhone And iPod Touch | 1.64 GB
[Notification] As of May 2 2011 from the national highway road construction and road traffic information being provided to the NTS from the eastern metropolitan area and provide traffic information for metropolitan areas stations will receive services. They know nothing about changing traffic information service website please refer to the announcement.


Mappy and the Genie in January 2011 which sells products Hyundai Em soft yen a map of the circle is used.
Mapple3Di any questions regarding the use of the website in the Q & A] column can be used if you give an answer immediately.
Mapple3Di optimized for the iPhone environment and navigation is designed exclusively for iPhone users.
After installation the initial map for driving directions do not need a separate Internet connection. Transportation (excluding add-ons such as receiving information)
Both the map and program updates for free after purchase is made.
- Road-based 3D model of the local building (some highway)
- 3D building data representation
- Implementation of realistic beodeubyu
- Integrated search (name company name address telephone number + Naver search companies)
- Address search apartment search capabilities by address
- Sector Search (POI feature and AR gyeongrosang available)
- Metro search phone number search coordinate retrieval support
- Home company jajuganeungot recent destination navigation support such as the fast path
Real-time ppareungil the best route the highway first path roads first path the shortest route avoid roads that support a variety of breadcrumb
- With automatic Smart Zoom function teonbayiteon directions
- Junction View support (complex intersection junction motorway E)
- Landscape mode also supported expanding the intersection
- Horizontal screen dual-mode support: Can be set up and scale different jidobyu
** Provides real-time traffic information
- Congestion on the map at a glance you can see the congestion map express
- Access real-time path finding reflects the state of
- Provides national highway yoyakmaep
** Naver search companies and the blog search function
- Naver search companies: If you do not have results immediately without additional keystrokes are available Naver search name
Next Blog Search: search results available detailed information about the Streaming
Around the search feature ** AR
- AR are here as a POI of all kinds around the target location capabilities
** Your Own Voice Information Service
- The program you want within the voice (the couple lover baby) recording speed and route guidance and ability to use the notification negatively
** Maeppeul 3Di user smart phone users the location information to a friend Send To feature kakaohtok
Parking location information ** Photo Memo Service
** Camera Online Update
- The camera data that is updated every two weeks in the program the ability to immediately update
** Get iPod Music Listening Guide
** Custom Function menu the background image
** HUD (Head Up Display) support: MappleFun Features
- Mapple3Di To use download the program from the App Store after you install the map data must be updated separately (at no additional cost)
- Auto-stop option when using multi-tasking not in use can be made if the battery power. (Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)
What's new in Version 3.3.0
======== 3.3.0 Version Update Description
1. July 2011 applies to the new map update
Gyeonggi-Namyangju senior-hopyeonggan immigrants reflects the opening of high-speed hwadoro
- Gwangju Gyeonggi-337 line of new parts of the world reflect docheokmyeon
Gyeonggi-Gwangmyeong hunger reflects the opening of the road intersection - light yeokgan
2. Preview Add rotation point
- While waiting for the signal ahead to the point of rotation allows the users to determine their path
- When you touch the top of the rotation of the directions to the point where the symbol automatically moves the vehicle
- Information symbol if you touch one more move to my current location
3. Enhancement of the rotating screen information routing information
- Detailed information of the rotation point add the distance to each point of the rotation
- Product removes the tunnel on the highway tolgeyiteubyeol Show Rates
4. Ttubeok improve this mode
- Ttubeok replace the image and display the compass direction
- Ttubeok In this mode destination guides come up and I look over the building modifications
5. Other enhancements and error correction
Busan Gimhae Light Rail Transit subway adding search functionality
- GPS to improve performance some
- IPad restore high-resolution rendering of the map for 2
- Metropolitan area occurred mainly in the private road avoidance breadcrumb error correction
- On the road some error correction should not register your camera
- Modify Other Other Errors
# Instructions
- If you have updated the map after installation by running the application to download additional map data please refer.
- Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and summer vacation in August and September for safe driving data will be updated once a month.
# Maeppeul sayongtip 3Di!
- When in portrait mode route guidance schematic quarter to cover the screen the image if you touch the screen will switch to the map.
- The remaining distance / remaining time zone when you touch the remaining distance / estimated time of arrival information can be changed immediately.
High-speed mode driving instructions to express the area rest area rest stops when you touch the screen can see the list.
- Search the City next to the search field press the Cancel button if you can find a list of recent search terms.
Download from

Download from


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