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Mediachance Photo BLEND v1
Mediachance Photo BLEND v1

Mediachance Photo BLEND v1 | 13.5 MB
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Mediachance Photo BLEND 1 was 6 stages of Beta-testing, and during this period has added new tools and effects, began to work more consistently. The program has several extraordinary properties that make it unique among photo editors and allows you to use it with pleasure.
Tolerant Masks

The biggest problem with combining different pictures of this isolate an object from one photo and a valid transfer it to another, it is not visible places crosslinking. Typically, this mask should be perfectly fine without the extra pixels.
Photo BLEND performs this task much easier by producing their own fixation masks. Photo BLEND hide imperfections combinable image and the result of inserting the image into the scene leaves the impression of the integrity of the new image, as if the inserted object has always been a part of it.

Automatic color adjustment
In a graphics program, the process of combining various photos taken with different cameras at different times, in different lighting conditions would require continuous operation and would take a long time, but not in Photo BLEND.
For the correct visualization Photo BLEND automatically adjusts the color and lighting combinable objects when they are fixing in the new composition, even if the sources are very different.
Is captured ambient light from the background scene. And everything happens automatically.

Ability to automatically adjust the color of objects in virtually every scene. You can easily check this, simply by downloading new backgrounds:

In the Photo BLEND has all the modern tools needed to create a believable mixes and combinations, to edit small details, such as creating artificial shadows, change and configuration perspective scene.

Full export permit
For high-speed editing Photo BLEND produces work in draft mode at the design process, and at the time of export Photo BLEND repeat all the steps in the original image size to get the full resolution output.
The aim of Photo BLEND is a quick and easy creation of photo-compositions.

Key features:
● Complete toolkit for creating graphical compositions.
● Almost half of the software is designed to mask and includes all the classical instruments of masking Magic wand (wand), Mask from Curve (curves mask) or Mask from Hue (mask Hue), simply brush for applying the mask close to the edge of the object.
● Auto color - no need to color correct images, moving object, the program calculates the external lighting to the optimum.
● All of the operation may be adjusted at any time, forward or backward.
● Logical interface - all frequently used tools in the interface are divided into two logical parts: Composition Mode (mode of combination) and masking Source Mode (Mode masking the source).
● Liquify (plastic) - an additional tool to change the face or a caricature.
● Expedited process at the design stage image and repeat all steps for full-size images on the export stage to obtain high-resolution output.
● Live tools - use a magic wand or a mask to create a lively Hue mask, where you can visually set the tolerance of after use. You can use the tool Push / Pull (shrink / stretch) to move and change the shape of the mask when working with clay.
● The shadows of the object - giving credibility by adding the correct shadow object. From simple shades that can be added to the movement of the slider (the slider) to complex shading object, which can be generated by specifying prospects.
● Adjust color - the possibility tsvetokorrektirovki each object.

In the final version 1.0:
● Added keyboard shortcuts for tools
● Display of vectors to the curves and discharge.
● Added instumenty Fuzzy Expand and Fuzzy Shrink (blurred or fuzzy compression and stretching) for a seamless interface mask edges and the background.
● Added effect for masking Remove Specks (removal of particles)
● Added auto-rotation when loading JPEG sources
● Added Load Manually to manually download the browser.
● Added "drag and drop" to drag and drop from Windows Explorer.

● Designed for a purpose - Photo Blend was designed from the ground up to be a photo composition software. All the tools are made to help with the task.
● Forgiving Mask - Virtually half of the software is dedicated to masking, but even though we have all the classic masking tools like Magic wand, Mask from Curve or Mask from Hue, simply painting the mask with a brush close to the edge of object is usually the best start. Photo Blend is very forgiving.
● Auto-Color Fit - No need to color correct the images so they have same colors. Photo Blend will automatically do that for you. And it is fully dynamic, as you move the object around the ambient light of the scene is recalculated for best color fit.
● Fully Non-destructive - Everything in Photo Blend can be adjusted at any time and then changed back at any other time.
● Logical UI - Designing Photo Blend from scratch has the benefit of not following classic photo editor paradigms but to best fit the interface for the task. There is no need to hunt in menus, all the most used tools are right on the interface divided into two logical parts - the Composition Mode and the masking Source Mode.
● Extra tools for added fun - Making composition should be fun and we added tools like Liquify to change the expression on ones face or to create a whole caricature of a person.
● Working on Draft, exporting in Full - To speed things up, the designing process is all done on a easy to work with Draft images. When it is time to export Photo Blend will repeat all the steps on a full size images to create the best looking output.
● Live Tools - Using Magic Wand or Mask From Hue creates live mask where you can visually set the tolerance of the tool after it is used. You can use Push / Pull tool to move and shape the mask as if it was a clay.
● Shadow Objects - Creating believable composition without making correct object shadows is just half of the job. From Simple shadows that can be added by moving a slider to a complex object shadows that can be shaped with regards to perspective, Photo Blend has it all.
● Color Adjustments - Each object has set of non-destructive color adjustments as well.
Current Version: 1.0
● Shortcuts for tools
● Displaying directional arrows for curves and selections
● Fuzzy Expand and Fuzzy Shrink tools for wrapping mask around the edges.
● Remove Specks effect for mask
● Loads auto rotation flag for jpeg sources
● Load Manually option in the Browser
● Acepts drag and drop from explorer

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