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Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.1.1 (32/64-Bit) Incl. Preset
Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.1.1 (32/64-Bit) Incl. Preset

Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.1.1 (32/64-Bit) Incl. Preset | 133 Mb

PhotoLooks - a powerful new plug-in for Photoshop (can also be used as a standalone application) that lets you manipulate the lighting and experiment with it while retaining important details of photography. Complex presets and customizable tools allow you to easily control the lighting conditions and to create a stylized visual effects.

Add your photos of new effects - from the usual tropical beaches, the beautiful sunrise, or use effects such as streaks of light penetrating through the shutters, blinds, or the surrounding glare. Set the right mood for portraits, wedding shots, business photos and fine art. With PhotoLooks, "golden hour" may be at any time!

Toolkit Magic Bullet PhotoLooks consisting of 36 components can be easily controlled lighting conditions and to create a stylized visual effects to any image. Immediately move the inhabitants of your usual picture of a cold winter on the beach tropical beach or in the desert at sunrise. Nice, intuitive and easy to use interface allows you to quickly access the panel with thumbnail picture presets simply by pointing the mouse cursor.

The main panel consists of 2 tabs: Sample View and Chain View. The former contains, as already mentioned, miniature frame, treated one way or another effect. A second tab - Chain View - reveals the composition of this effect in the form of a chain of filters, from which this effect is.
When your mouse to the left edge of the working plugin window comes up panel containing icons of available presets (blanks). It's not just the icons and screenshot are already treated with these effects. Clear and immensely comfortable - the user immediately sees the outcome, and if desired, with a single click to apply effects to your favorite video.

The right panel also comes up when you hover the mouse cursor to the edge of the program window. This panel is composed of five tabs: Subject, Matte, Lens, Camera and Post. All filters that are present in these tabs are unique and are logically grouped by category (in fact, tabs, and there are categories). When the user selects in the left pane of any effect, applied to the video filter chain, which, in turn, are contained in the right pane. This chain is covered in more detail at the bottom of the software plug-in window.

Categories blanks (there are 11):
Basic - section includes some of the most illustrative "representatives" of the following categories
Black and White Tints - monochrome toning. 6 different shades, complemented by such filters, the graininess (simulating film), or smearing
Diffusion - the effects of dispersion, or the play of light. In some places used as blur and enhanced luminescence
Horror - the category name should direct horror as the filters that are included in it. Thus, in the movies often highlights scenes from which the viewer, the idea of the director should styt blood in his veins.
Music Videos - a large number of blanks in this section due to the fact that there are many styles of music. Aggressive Clips, Techno music, or pensive ballads - for everything there is an appropriate effect
Popular Film - the section title should speak for itself - contains the most popular effects used in cinema: from the inherent blockbusters aggressive saturated frame to the melodramatic "soft and fluffy" image
Popular TV - the effects of something akin to the previous one, kinoeffektam, but with one difference: the developers believe that these blanks are better suited for TV shows, rather than works of art
Special Effects - special effects. Where do without them, especially if you want to turn day into night, or to simulate depth of field, leaving a clear but some object, and the entire background to give a smearing
Stock Emulation - In this section the thirteen effects that simulate the characteristics of some films
Tints - tint effects allow you to completely change the color component of the frame
Custom - create your own effects, save and add.


• 100-Look Library - For the first time, you can design and refine a look with a user experience that balances ease of use with the power of 36 distinct Look Tools. The new interface offers Quick Drawers for accessing tools and presets without taking up valuable space. Tool controls keep clutter to a minimum. Also, a linear-light processing engine provides fluid interaction using the power of your graphics card.
• You've Got The Power - Unlike other Photoshop plug-ins that are just a collection of presets with sliders and checkboxes, PhotoLooks includes 36 powerful tools that let you customize the precise look you need. The interface and tools are inspired by your real-life experience with your camera making it easy to get started. Behind the scenes, PhotoLooks' optical processing engine calculates light values in the same way that real light and lenses behave. You'll get instant visual feedback and more realistic effects.
• Looks with Legs - It's your choice: use Magic Bullet PhotoLooks as a standard Photoshop plug-in, or work in the standalone version to conserve memory and work faster. Refine and create looks anywhere, whether in your studio or on location, using any image as a foundation. Portable presets allow you to create and share your looks with other professionals or get quick approvals from clients.

- Designer's Interface - Designed for professionals, the PhotoLooks workspace balances ease of use with the power of 36 distinct Look Tools that emulate how light is captured on photographic film
- Do It Your Way - Go beyond presets and create your own sophisticated looks by creating a chain of exposure, lighting, color, and lens effects that imitate the real-world path of light through a camera
- The Power of HDR - HDR processing and 32-bit support yield true-to-life results and ensure that extreme values are not clipped
- Live Editing - PhotoLooks never throws away data allowing you to experiment and create stunning effects for your photos
- Auto-Shoulder Feature - Sophisticated tone mapping compresses the bright values of HDR images to make them viewable or printable
- 100 Unique Looks - Inspired by both classical photography and the film industry, the 100 included looks range from simple exposure and film process emulation to radical color changes
- Look Theater - Browse the looks library automatically, using your own images as a starting point
- Freedom and Versatility - LooksBuilder works as either a Photoshop plug-in or a standalone application, allowing you to save memory and work more effectively
- Blazing Speeds - GPU acceleration delivers real-time playback with many Looks
- Hands-on Mode - Use either a trackball or trackpad for instant manipulation of a tool's controls
- Get Large - Work with large high-resolution images on standard hardware, or get radically faster speeds with the latest NVIDIA GPU acceleration

System Requirements:
- Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit
- Intel or AMD processor 1.6 GHz or higher
- 1 GB of RAM
- 15GB of Hard Drive space


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