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Resort Labs Portable Bookmarks v2.5.2.409
Resort Labs Portable Bookmarks v2.5.2.409
Resort Labs Portable Bookmarks v2.5.2.409 | 6 Mb

Install a portable bookmark organizer on a USB and keep track of your Web finds anywhere Portable Bookmarks is a portable bookmark organizer for users on the go. Once installed on a USB flash drive, the program lets you bookmark and keep track of the bookmarks at all times and across different computers. Just plug the USB drive to any computer and run Portable Bookmarks. You'll be able to bookmark on the fly as you browse, add comments, hotkeys, and keywords and organize bookmarked pages for quick access. As added benefits, the program will help you to import or export bookmarks, find and remove the duplicates, back up your collection and restore it after a system crash, protect bookmarks with a password, and check your collection of web-pages for dead links to make sure all of the bookmarks are fresh and up-to-date.

Portable Bookmarks runs on Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 and compatible with all browsers, including IE, Firefox 2, Opera, Netscape, Firefox 3, Google Chrome and Safari for Windows.
Features at a Glance

Portable Bookmark Organizer Overview

Add a new bookmark with ease

Portable Bookmarks has the Drop Trap, a floating widget that lets you bookmark as you browse the Web. When you find an interesting page you want to remember, click the right mouse button on the Drop Trap and select the option labeled as «Add link to collection». This will open the dialog with the properties of the bookmark, including the collection and folder name to save the bookmark to, title of the bookmark and its URL address. In this dialog, you can also choose priority and select a status icon for the bookmark. All property fields are already auto-filled with the data the program extracts from a web-page, so you can simply click OK and save the bookmark to Portable Bookmarks.

Import bookmarks from all browsers

Portable Bookmarks makes it incredibly easy to import bookmarks and desktop shortcuts. You need to run the Import Wizard and select a source for import, which can be a browser, HTML document, desktop, or Quick Launch. Once you've clicked the Import button, it takes just a couple of seconds for Portable Bookmarks to scan the source and import bookmarks. The portable bookmark organizer can import bookmarks from any browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox 2, Opera, Netscape, Firefox 3, Google Chrome and Safari for Windows.

Add more details to a new bookmark

Once a new bookmark has been added to Portable Bookmarks, you can edit its name, URL address, or add more details to it. For example, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to open a bookmark, type in its description, enter keywords and select the browser to open this bookmark. If the bookmarked page requires the user to log in, you can enter user name and password and get the portable bookmark organizer to log in and open the bookmarked web-page automatically without having to type in a single character.

Organize bookmarks in a collection

Portable Bookmarks displays bookmarks in a hierarchical tree with folders and links arranged in the same structure as in Microsoft Internet Explorer's bookmarks manager. By clicking the folders, you can quickly browse the bookmarks contained in each folder. To move bookmarks and folders around, simply click the item you want to move and drag it to a new destination within the tree. Bookmarks can be sorted by name, priority, status, by the date and time they were created, or by the number of times visited. Clicking a bookmark or folder opens its tabbed properties dialog for editing on the right side of the portable bookmark organizer.

Mark bookmarks and folders to show priority or status

The portable bookmark organizer allows the user to mark bookmarks and folders with image-coded icons and highlight names with colors. This allows you to personalize the collection and categorize bookmarks by their priority (High, Normal, Low) and status (complete or incomplete, approved, rejected, or pending, etc). To mark a bookmark, select it on the left side of the program and choose a color or icon from the context menu.

Find a bookmark in the blink of an eye

Portable Bookmarks offers an instant search engine to find a bookmark quickly. It works in much the same way as Instant Search in Windows Vista - just start typing a keyword into the search box and the program will find matching bookmarks within the manager and display them instantly. The engine allows you to search by text, tags, date and status. The range of search may include names, descriptions, URL addresses, keywords and short names. With the portable bookmark organizer, the link you're looking for is just a few keystrokes away.

Find and delete duplicate bookmarks

Portable Bookmarks lets you find duplicate links in the collection and delete redundant items almost hands down. Clicking the Find Duplicates item in the Tools menu opens the dialog where you are required to select a collection and folder to scan for dupes. You can also set the program to filter search results by different criteria and put a tick next to the bookmarks you defined as redundant. For example, you can set the program to check only the oldest links or the newest ones. Once the scan is over, you'll see the listing of all found duplicates. Unwanted bookmarks will be checked, so you can delete them on the fly without having to pick them out by hand.

Back up and restore bookmarks after a crash

Portable Bookmarks makes it a snap to back up bookmarks to a secure folder. This will help you to reduce the pain of losing the collection of bookmarks if your system crashes or the hard drive fails. The program can back up bookmarks to three formats: its own proprietary format - .lc, .html, or .adr (Opera bookmarks). To restore bookmarks, simply select the «Restore a backup» option and restore them to the portable bookmark organizer with a single click.

Share bookmarks with friends, family, co-workers

Portable Bookmarks offers people several ways to share a collection of bookmarks with family, friends and co-workers. One of the ways to do it is to send bookmarks to someone's email right from the program. As an alternative, you can export bookmarks from Portable Bookmarks directly to the browser on a different computer. The export operation requires only one mouse click. This is an incredibly useful feature if you want keep your bookmarks in sync across multiple computers (for example, desktop PC and laptop you take on the move).

Make your bookmarks private

Portable Bookmarks allows you to protect a bookmark collection, or a single folder by setting a password on it. Once the item is password-protected, no one can view or edit the bookmarks in your portable bookmark organizer.


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