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Steinberg Wavelab LE v7.2.1 Build 600
Steinberg Wavelab LE v7.2.1 Build 600

Steinberg Wavelab LE v7.2.1 Build 600 | 580.7 MB
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The company introduced a new version of Steinberg popular audio editing and mastering software WaveLab - known product for editing and mastering of sound track. WaveLab - this solution is "all in one" for professional mastering, high resolution editing entries as stereo and multi-channel, restoring the full cycle of Phonograms and CD / DVD-Audio production.

The new version supports the first operating system MAC OS, besides the support of Windows. WaveLab 7 provides powerful management functions of the working environment, comes with a set of plug-ins VST3, high-quality instruments and a new "engine" for recording audio

WaveLab belongs to the fastest of the available applications for mastering, his story begins in 1995. Over the years, seen a lot in WaveLab mastering software, but at the same time, focused always on the single task: to provide the best workflow and tools for mastering, editing and restoration. From professional mastering engineers working with high-quality CD and DVD products to music fans who want to restore your favorite record on the fly or create a podcast, WaveLab 7 provides an excess of instruments that are likely to provide all the needs and expectations as an integral part of your existing operating conditions.

The ideal workflow for order
WaveLab 7 is a new concept of workflow, increasing productivity and having incredible flexibility. The new approach includes a powerful management interface, customizable tab-zone, built-in help system, scalable windows and tools. With WaveLab 7 also becomes very easy to adapt the interface exactly to your workflow, regardless of the use, whether it's mastering, editing, repair, or batch-processing.

Operating Environment WaveLab
WaveLab 7 is equipped with four different working environments, called Audio File, Audio Montage, Batch Processor and Podcast. Each environment is designed for specific tasks within the scope of WaveLab and provide a rich toolkit for important projects.
Each environment is fully customizable, which makes it easy to adapt the interface to your preferences. Window, you can resize, move and maintain their position for future work.
WaveLab 7 also comes with a large number of functional tables, which may be located in the new table area and provide quick access to the most important tools.

Wednesday Audio File
It is ideal for precise analysis and editing audio. Once you download a file, all the WaveLab 7 ready to analyze, edit and publish material. Several tables and functional options, such as managing labels or table downloads are available immediately and accelerate the work.

Wednesday Audio Montage
This is the heart of the process of non-destructive audio editing in WaveLab 7. Through the Audio Montage, you can create a compilation of audio files for CD and DVD. Even the industrial standard DDP is supported as input format or output. Audio Montage allows you to create and strengthen the damping in real time, cross-docking files, effects-based videos, with overflow effect between adjacent fragments and track effects in Section Master.

Wednesday Podcast
This is a complete kit for online publication, which allows you to create and publish podcasts online. Simple and intuitive interface allows you to create a podcast from A to Z, without ever leaving WaveLab 7. Built-in support for FTP protocol and technology, RSS 2.0, time-saving templates - Podcast Workspace provides everything you need to to work with it gaining speed Internet standard. And with iTunes-account available, can even publish a podcast on iTunes, including the selection of specific categories.

Wednesday Batch Processor
This is one of the most powerful tools WaveLab 7. Here you can apply a large number of processing options, and naming a large number of files in a single command only, it saves a lot of time.
WaveLab 7 comes with advanced features batch processing, as well as more friendly to the user. Perhaps an even distribution of tasks between the cores for optimum speed.

Controls WaveLab
For more convenience, a new section WaveLab Control allows you to group freely selectable analysis tools in certain places, which can detach and dragged to another display.
WaveLab Control - the perfect way to organize the analysis tools, such as the spectroscope, VU meter, oscilloscope, wave display, measuring range, the instrument phase correlation and counter bits. Individual combinations of instruments can be stored and recalled at any time, allowing for different purposes, different environment settings.
More option to simplify your workflow
Window, you can push, move, and group within the program. Even the section Master section can freely drag and drop, the rest of the window automatically fits.
New Development - Area Tables - provides quick access to frequently used tools. Right-click on it the choice is needed for the session table. The construction of an ideal working space is a simple task in WaveLab 7.
All media quickly switch between an intuitive control panel.

High VST3 plug-ins
WaveLab 7 comes with a first-class collection of VST3 plug-ins, providing a complete set of mastering the production standard and audio editing, including the ultra-precise equalizers, reverbs spatial, dynamic processors and the current level of universal modulation effects ..
Whether it's StudioEQ, or flexible reverb Roomworks, outstanding PostFilter of Nuendo or multiband compressor - all built-ins provide independent quality coupled with the efficient allocation of resources through the VST3-standard.

Set Premium Restoration Suite from Sonnox
Clicks, crackle or buzz - with Sonnox Restoration Suite unwanted noise from this story. WaveLab 7 boasts a collection of high quality, repair tools, allowing you to accurately and effectively resurrect the record.

Developed by experts Sonnox, DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker (suppression of noise, hum and clicks) can remove the toughest noise without causing damage to the overall environment of the material. Progressive algorithms, a direct interface and detailed visual feedback make this collection of first choice for labor-intensive reconstruction.

Best suited for removing broadband noise. Advanced algorithms and new options allow you to quickly and accurately remove the constant background noise.

DeClicker is a universal thing. Blowing out to record vocals, a clicking sound or a nasty crunch - DeClicker is the answer for the destruction of those annoying sounds.

Destroy the drone instrument with DeBuzzer. It removes the buzzing sounds without problems and without affecting the essential material

The algorithm of tension and high-rise offset DIRAC 2.2
DIRAC - one of the most progressive of the available algorithms for audio processing, associated with time and with WaveLab 7, he just better.

DIRAC 2.2 provides a chromatic change of pitch in equally tempered scale, as well as on the adjustment table definitions available. The algorithm has the option of unlimited sampling rate, that is, you can stretch and lift height material with a value of 384 KHz in the medium WaveLab 7. DIRAC 2.2 includes driver correction, exactly reproduces the sound of an instrument or voice. The rate of time-frequency process has also been increased.

Made for people around the world
With full support for encoding Unicode, WaveLab 7 supports text input in almost all languages, including Japanese, French, Greek, Russian, Hebrew and many others.

The new engine burn
WaveLab 7 includes a completely new engine burning, ensuring a stable and reliable recording. Furthermore formats Audio CD and DVD-Audio, a revised engine is capable to work with high-DDP images. Detection devices burning also improved.

DDP support
DDP (disc description protocol) - a professional exchange format used in the industry mastering. This format is adopted as the basis for the replication of almost all companies. DDP-file contains information not only drive, but more different, for example, the file structure. WaveLab 7 includes full support for the DDP, so no need to buy anything extra.

The improved batch-processing
WaveLab 7 has completely rebuilt and is very effective area of ​​batch processing. In it the automatic processing of large amounts of audio files is literally instantaneous. Whether it's high quality VST3 plug-ins as StudioEQ or Post Filter, internal processors WaveLab, such as DC Offset, Dithering or Leveling - it's your business. The order of plug-ins (and at the same time processing) are free to modify.
Plenty of options available for the definition of the output path, more than 15 different output formats, sample rate, bit rate, or even the inclusion of an external tool - just click.

Real multi-tasking
Maybe even change the distribution of computer processing power, depending on the number of nuclei involved batch processing. Starting from one and ending with all kernels, WaveLab 7 allows freely manage resources.

Version 7.2.1
fixes some bugs and adds 64-bit versions of Windows and Mac, as well as support for MP3 codec lame.

The program is available in two versions: WaveLab 7, which is the original version for professional use, edit and restore audio, and WaveLab Elements 7, which is made for use in home studios.

Extras. Information: Activation of WaveLab LE 7 automatically. No need to enter the activation codes as required in the full version of WaveLab.

System requirements:
Mac: Mac OS X 10.5.5 and 10.6, Mac computer with an Intel processor recommended
Windows: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
2 GHz CPU (dual core CPU recommended)
1024 MB RAM
1 GB of free HDD space
Display resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
DVD-ROM drive
Internet connection for license activation

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