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Systweak PhotoStudio 2.1.2954.83
Systweak PhotoStudio 2.1.2954.83

Systweak PhotoStudio 2.1.2954.83 | 15.73 Mb
PhotoStudio is a complete imaging tool designed to enable you to create and manage your images professionally. It has an intuitive interface and all the tools that you may require to create, edit or modify your digital images. It is meant for amateurs and professionals alike, who wish to manage their digital images.PhotoStudio is a complete set with tools, filters and special effects to create, edit or modify digital images, to give them a studio finish. It can also be used to create photo albums from your existing set of images.

Fresh Ribbon Style Interface
PhotoStudio v2 has the latest Ribbon Style interface, which gives you access to the right tool without searching through menus and dialogue boxes. It not only makes the application more appealing, but also eases the task of creating, editing or modifying images. This interface makes Photo Editing tasks less time consuming and a better experience overall.

New Interface for Faster Editing
PhotoStudio v2 has the latest Ribbon Style interface to enable you to edit your images even faster. This new interface gives you access to the tools in a more intuitive manner, making your image editing procedure faster and more enjoyable. All menus, toolbars, taskpanes etc are designed to give you maximum work space and ease of choosing options. You will identify with the creativity in designing PhotoStudio v2 and it will make image editing a more enjoyable process.

Add Visual Effect to Images
PhotoStudio v2 has over 40 visual effects which you can apply to your digital images. These effects enable you to control almost every aspect of your images. The combination of these effects lets you add realistic lighting, adjust brightness or color or contrast of your images, manipulate images at the pixel level, changing the look of the image and preview all these effects before they are applied to your images. Further, you can also choose the intensity of these effects with a simple slider, so that your images look just the way you want them. PhotoStudio v2 has the flexibility to add more than one effect to images at a time. It also enables you to apply effects to more than one image at a time, in batches and groups. PhotoStudio v2 is a complete tool for every professional and amateur photographer or digital artist.

Capture Images from Any Device
PhotoStudio v2 has been designed to acquire images from almost any imaging device. It has built in support for TWAIN devices and you can also get images from your scanners, digital cameras, memory cards, USB or flash drives or any other peripheral device which stores digital images. This support makes PhotoStudio v2 a single application for all your digital imaging needs. You can edit the images that you acquire, or simply store them in albums, or burn them to CD/DVD, all using PhotoStudio v2.

Convert Images to Over 60 Supported Formats
PhotoStudio v2 enables you to convert images from one format to another. There are multiple imaging formats available and at times their are compatibility issues between applications and images. PhotoStudio v2 has been designed to convert images between 60 file formats. This means that you may have an image in almost any file format, you will be able to edit it using PhotoStudio v2 and also save it in the desired file format. Besides changing the file type of an image, you can resize, rotate, crop, color, change resolution etc on any of the supported file formats.

Process Images in Groups and Batches
PhotoStudio v2 can apply your desired effects on groups and batches of images. This makes the task of editing multiple images very easy. You can easily create a new group in PhotoStudio v2 and add images to it. You can apply any effect to the images and preview it in the advanced preview pane. Once you are satisfied with the preview, you can simply apply the change to the entire group of images in a batch. This saves you the time and energy of changing the images one at a time. You can even create subgroups and apply different effects to images in the sub-groups of images. Using PhotoStudio v2, you can edit multiple images and apply multiple effects to them, all at once.

Redesign Digital Images
PhotoStudio v2 has one of the most advanced image editors to enable you to edit your images. You can redraw every image and change almost every attribute of the image with ease. PhotoStudio v2 always creates a copy of your images and your original image is never replaced unless you want it. You can comfortably work on images, change every aspect and apply every effect, without the fear of loosing the original image. You can now style and shape any image with ease and save it in any format you desire. You can use the multiple image enhancement features available in PhotoStudio v2 to make your images more impressive and professional. PhotoStudio v2 can spice up the visual representation of your images, giving you a perfect tool for high quality image editing with a simple and easy user interface.

Share Digital Images
With a rush in todays life all of us can't be a part of every occasion with our near and dear ones. We might miss these beautiful moments of togetherness and fun. It even takes ages for us to visit their place and get a look to the snaps or video taken during that occasion. But with the help of Photo Album you can get instant access to the photos and email your photos to friends and family as attachment.

Capture Images of Desktop or Applications
PhotoStudio v2 enables you to take screenshots of applications running on your computer. It can also capture the Desktop image or an image of a part of your Desktop. You can create a series of these screen captures for editing or keeping a log. This entire process is a matter of a few clicks of the mouse and you do not even have to switch between multiple applications. You can crop these images, save them in different forms, or group them in albums.

Create Slideshows and Presentations
PhotoStudio v2 has an improved Image Viewer which enables you to create slideshows or presentations from your digital images. You can either choose to view images on your computer, or you can also group images in albums and create slideshows, with complete transition effects between images. You can create presentations from our images and transfer them to a CD/DVD for display on other computers or screens. You can also associate comments with images, to remind you of the location or occasion and always preserve the memory associated with the image.

Search for Digital Images
PhotoStudio v2 helps you to search for images that you have stored at various locations in your computer. It is possible that you may have stored images in folders, which you may not remember anymore. PhotoStudio v2 has been designed to search all your folders and drives for images and it will also display them in an Explorer like interface to you. You can choose to group these images into albums or perform an advanced search for particular files in the search results.

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