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Toontrack - EZdrummer Full Collection x86/x64 (2011/Eng/Mac+Win)

Toontrack - EZdrummer Full Collection x86/x64 (2011/Eng/Mac+Win) | 8.12 GB
EZdrummer ™ - a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers who need a compact, affordable, easy to drive plug-in without compromising the sound quality or control. Interface imaging drum combines listening to the sounds and construction kits udarnyh.K the same complete set of all versions and all add-ons and plug-in would be the perfect set for the musicians.

Extended function drag and drop MIDI library (includes over 8,000 MIDI files) enables users to create any kind of drum tracks with a few clicks. For more, advanced processing, the user can control the level of fuzziness between microphones and drums using the internal keypad.


- EZdrummer is designed to create a drum-based "live" style, that is, the concept of the program is to bring your instrument sounds to play a live drummer. In this plugin you will not find trendy sounds that are used in dance or other electronic music. But what is required for playing a real drum set, there may EZdrummer satisfy the most demanding sound-arranger and producer. The program is already well-known scheme. EZdrummer shell works as a VST plug-in that integrates into the program is an audio midi sequencer such as Logic, Cubase, etc.

The difference between this program from the usual sample based library that the tool is a complete integrated solution, that is, it provides not only sounds but also the special game style templates in the form prepared by the MIDI-tracks. In addition, the user has a large field of activity in terms of creating a studio sound picture, for example, add sound room, which made the recording, adjust the microphone level, removing the sound of drums. This is all very reminiscent of the work in the studio engineer who not only uses sample based sound library, and it creates its own picture of the drum sound.

- Sound Library
Description of the program appropriate to start with the characteristics of sounds, as they main link of the whole chain. Libraries were created in the studio Avatar Studios in New York. When you write real good used drum machines rebuilt. Naturally, the recording was made by all the rules of recording drums, using the most professional equipment and microphones. Due to this shock is the sound that neither is true, as realistic as possible.
So, when you open the program the user selects the type of installation that is basic or EZX library and loads it into memory. On average, the library occupies 180-250 MB. But that's not all. You can create your own settings using different drums. For example, instead of the standard barrel, put the open model of the drum. And so with each tool set. When you click the mouse on a drum or other instrument installation, you can hear the sound, which is useful for the selection of its own installation. In general, the special difficulties when using sound libraries in the program should not be, because EZdrummer is very easy to program in communication with the user.

- Programming parties

Creating lots of drums has always been a matter of very tedious and unrewarding. Like it or not, but the MIDI «Pile" is very different (for the worse) the sound of a live set, recorded in the studio. Besides the fact that when you create a party must have the tools (sounds), this study should be familiar with the specifics of the game man. And sometimes it is difficult to convey emotion in the form of drummer MIDI-parties.
EZdrummer in this regard provides a unique opportunity that is very easy programming drums, which makes it possible to get the result, even for beginners. In fact EZdrummer solves many problems and reduces the work in the audition and selection of the necessary files.
By clicking on the button grooves you get to the menu where you can select the desired riff. To facilitate the search button is a preview. When you turn it on selected grooves will sound, and the selected program in the sequencer tempo. If the choice had fallen on what is a riff, or sbivku (in the menu there are a large number of ready-made breaks, which are in the menu Fill), then this file is just drag the mouse in the window track sequencer for EZdrummer (in Cubase, for example, it will be created automatically) . That's it ... Now this MIDI file already arranged. So you can build the entire party song from beginning to end, including a variety of variations and transitions, including the pace. Unlike a party to an audio sample here we are dealing with MIDI. Therefore, the change rate does not affect sound quality.
In progremme EZdrummer is a very useful feature humanizer, which adds to the sound of party nuances of human playing. All this is easy mistakes, there are small deviations from strict metronomic grid within the zone. If you require absolute evenness machine, you can simply disable this feature, or do quantization. Well there is a choice ...

- Mixing installation
After the party was created begins the next stage - the creation of sound color. When you click the Open Mixer button you get into the mixer window, where you can fine-sounding rebuild each tool installation. Each drum can be put on their track. This is a very necessary function for further processing of each drum and groups (eg volume) separately. For example, the snare can give a reverb, and a barrel of "hang" a compressor, which makes the sound more assertive. You can also sprinkle the installation of a panorama.
Particular attention should be paid fader Room. It's a fine piece of plug-in, which gives the sound truly live studio picture. It is worth noting that this is not just a reverb, it sounds this room in which to write and which fully included in the library.

Toontrack dfh EZdrummer v1.0 VSTi
Toontrack dfh EZdrummer VSTi RTAS v1.2.0 Update
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Drumkit From Hell
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Vintage Rock
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Latin Percussion
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Nashville
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Twisted Kit
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Claustrophobic
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Funk Masters
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Jazz
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Electronic
Toontrack Monster Midi Pack
Toontrack Monster Midi Pack 2
Toontrack Monster Midi Pack 3
Toontrack Monster Midi Pack 4
Toontrack Library of Extreme
DrumMaps and ConversionMaps
Toontrack Solo PC 1.2.2
EZplayerFree PC 1.0
Toontrack DrumTracker v1.0.2

Additional information: The images in the format. Iso
When you first start the plugin will request registration. Universal pill for all the products distribution is also in the folder EZdrummer \ Toontrack EZdrummer VSTi RTAS v1.2.0 UPDATE \

System requirements:
1,5 Gb free hard disc space, DVD drive
Windows XP, PIII / Athlon 1,8 GHz with 512 Mb RAM
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, G4 1 GHz with 512 Mb RAM

Version: all version + plug-ins
Developer: Toontrack
Platform: VSTi + RTAS
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with 7 full time
Language: English
Medicine: Present

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