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USB Safely Remove v4.4.2.1087 Portable ML
USB Safely Remove v4.4.2.1087 Portable ML

USB Safely Remove v4.4.2.1087 Portable ML | 4.78 Mb

USB Safely Remove is a convenient and safe replacement for the standard "Safely Remove Hardware" tool. The program has many features designed for effortless working with hotplug devices (USB, SATA and FireWire).


"Return device back!" feature new!
After you stopped a device, but still did not unplug it, sometimes it would be very useful to return it back to the system. For example if you have remembered you forgot to write a file to the drive after you stopped it. In this case you are compelled to physically replug the device. However sometimes it is quite inconvenient, e.g. if the device is connected to the rear panel of the computer.

USB Safely Remove allows you to return your device back as easy as you do safe removal - in a one click!
After you safely remove a device it will stay in the menu marked with red cross. Just click to this "red-crossed" device to return it back!

Stops any kind of hot-swap devices. new!
The new version can see and stop such devices like PCMCIA. Also it has a unique feature to stop even those hot-swap devices whose drivers does not support "authentic safe removal" (they cannot be seen in the native Windows Safe Removal tool), e.g. Silicon Image SATA devices. USB Safely Remove stops these devices via "disabling" (as Windows Device Manager do), however it makes stopping of these devices convenient for user - in the same manner as you do ordinary safe removal.

Safely remove in one click
The program is an original and convenient tool for safely removing a device. It also detects all devices connected and can be used to view their drive contents. Just move the mouse pointer over the tray icon of the program and you will see a multi-featured 'quick stop' menu with a list of devices
One mouse click on the device and it is safely removed!

Get rid of unnecessary devices!
Are you afraid of accidentally stopping the card reader built into your laptop or dongle? Annoyed by a SATA hard drive or ADSL modem in the device list? Now you can hide any device from the stop menu in one simple step.

Global keyboard shortcuts
Do you like to do everything using the keyboard? Now you can stop and view devices by using just ONE hotkey! No need to remember keyboard shortcuts for each device. If you are in any application, press the key combination (Win+S by default) and you will see the stop menu. Use the Up\Down arrow keys to select the device you need and either press 'Enter' to stop it or 'Ctrl+B' to view the contents of any storage device.

Correct and clear device names
With USB Safely Remove, you will easily find the device you need to stop because the program detects the actual names of devices - the names the manufacturer gave them. If you wish, you can assign your own custom name and image for a device or choose from one of the pre-installed images.

Compare the following and you will see what solution will allow you to safely remove a flash disk without wasting your time.

The device cannot be stopped right now. Why?
Ever encountered the situation when Windows does not allow you to remove a device? Now this problem is solved once and for all. USB Safely Remove will show you what programs are not allowing you to stop the device and you can stop or disable them in one step.

Unique technology: "Guaranteed device stop"
Sometimes Windows does not allow you to remove a device even if you close all suspicious programs. This is a problem in the Windows kernel which most often occurs in Windows XP. In most cases USB Safely Remove will allow you to safely stop the device without losing any data. This means that now you can absolutely rest assured about the safety of your data.

Notifications about connected and removed devices
Many people feel uncomfortable when they get no response to their actions. USB Safely Remove is completely devoid of this problem. The program shows a notification bubble containing the drive letter assigned to the device not only after the device is disconnected, but also after it is connected. Thus you will always know whether Windows has successfully recognized the device and it can be used.

Starting programs after connecting and before removing a device
Another USB Safely Remove feature that distinguishes it from similar software is its ability to not only start an application after connecting a device, but also before removing it. This feature allows you to back up data before disconnecting a removable hard drive, to run 'Total Commander' with the contents of the drive on the connected flash disk, automatically unmount an encrypted TrueCrypt drive before disconnecting the USB media, etc.

Automating work with devices
USB Safely Remove has a powerful and convenient command line: 'usr.exe' which allows you to automate tasks with your devices. For example, you can automatically stop devices according to a schedule or in response to any other event.

Working with any hotplug devices - USB, SATA, FireWire
Another important difference between the program and the standard 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon is the possibility to see and disconnect all hotplug devices. If USB Safely Remove does not show the device immediately you need to select the "Display all storage devices" checkbox in the USB Safely Remove settings.

Displaying volume labels instead of device names
If you have several devices of the same type (like flash disks and removable hard drives) it will be much more convenient to see volume labels instead of device names. To do this just select the "Show volume names instead of device names" checkbox.

Customizable icon in the system tray
Many people complain that the standard 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon sometimes disappears at the most inappropriate moment. USB Safely Remove completely replaces the standard 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon with its own icon. By default, the USB Safely Remove icon is always displayed in the system tray, which gives you quick access to the features of the program and makes using USB more clear and predictable. However, you can change this behavior and the icon will disappear when there are no devices connected to the computer. To do so, select the "Hide icon when there are no devices to be stopped" checkbox in the "Look And Feel" section of the settings.

[+] - Added, [-] - Fixed, [*] - Improved/Changed, [i] - Information

Version 4.4 final (Released on December 24th, 2010)
[+] The "Device power off after its stopping" feature was added.
[-] Sometimes Windows restarts its native safely remove service and the
"Safely Remove Hardware" icon appears in the system tray even if an
option "Replace native Safely Remove Hardware Icon" is checked.
[+] ClearType font support was added.
[+] The old USB Safely Remove Icon has been improved.
[+] We added an option "Don't show this message again" to the
"Stop all visible devices" dialog box.
[-] If the taskbar was placed on the left-hand side of display, the card-reader
menu appeared outside of display. Fixed.
[-] Sometimes before the USB device stopping didn't show the message,
which has to report about devices connected to the same USB-hub
as the stopped device.
[-] Incorrect behavior of some main program options, such as "Stop Immediately"
"Drive letter manager" window etc., was fixed.
[-] The program didn't work on Windows 2000. Fixed.
[+] Bosnian translation was added.
[*] We also made some user interface improvements.

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